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You Are Not Going to Want to Miss This

At Violet Crown Cinema, it is our goal to showcase the best art cinema from around the world. Out of respect for the films and our audience and in order to ensure a pleasurable, uninterrupted viewing experience, we will admit people into the theater up to 10 minutes after the films scheduled start time. Should you happen to arrive after the film has started, we would be happy to swap your tickets to another film or showtime, give you passes to come back another time or provide a refund for your ticket purchase.

Somebody once told me that the first frame of a film is the most important one. It is the image that sets the stage for all of the images to follow. Especially with art cinema such as MELANCHOLIA and TAKE SHELTER, the opening of a film has a huge amount of power, and is essential to fully appreciating it. One of the best introductions to a film I can remember was the opening of Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece, THERE WILL BE BLOOD (2007) which had almost no dialogue, but instantly immersed me in the intensity of the world of oil. It vividly depicted the dirt, danger, and   excitement that created a wave of emotions that would play out more fully over the course of the film. If you remove the opening, THERE WILL BE BLOOD does not mean the same thing and becomes a different film entirely.

Be on time!

We are very excited about this new policy and the positive impact it will have on our guests. Arriving at the cinema early makes it easier to get your food on time, allows you to find your seat comfortably, minimizes the possibility of distracting your fellow patrons, and to enjoy your film the way it was intended to be seen.