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Dance, Theater, Passion

Tanztheater, as developed by legendary choreographer, Pina Bausch, goes beyond dance and theater to present a means of expression that is unbound by the constraints of language or rules of classical dance. The beautiful thing about Tanztheater is that you get the overwhelming sense that you are experiencing emotion communicated in its purest form. In 1985, director, Wim Wenders, experienced this unique form of communication and was deeply moved, creating a long lasting friendship between the two artists. For years the pair speculated on how to best show Tanztheater in a way that was cinematic, without losing the depth of experiencing it in person. However, when everything was about to come together, Pina died suddenly a few days before shooting was scheduled to begin in 2009. The result of their collaboration, and the grief that followed is PINA, a 3-D documentary which contains scenes from some of her major pieces, interviews with her dancers, archival footage of Pina at work, and solo performances done in honor of her memory.

PINA is not so much a documentary as it is a eulogy. From it, you get a profound sense of what Pina meant to those who had the opportunity to work with her, but it is not about loss. Rather, PINA demonstrates the lessons she left behind about not being afraid to access your own emotions, from which art is created. In short, PINA is about passion.